Online since May 4, 2006, 510 is my little tribute to Maki Goto, one of my favorite Japanese idols. I remember first hearing about Morning Musume back in 2003, when I saw them in a random clip, and decided to try them out just for fun. The first thing I came across was the Mr. Moonlight ~Ai no Big Band~ PV, and I admit, my first impression wasn't that great~ I was into J-rock at that time and wasn't that interested in pop girl groups (or so I thought!). I was ready to hit the delete button when Maki starts singing her lines, and needless to say, I've been a fangirl ever since ♥

The title 510 is a play on Maki's last name in Japanese - go, which means the number 5, and to, which is the number 10. The number 510 can sometimes be seen on official merchandise, and I thought it would be a cool name for a fanlisting :D The site was originally entitled Dear, which came from Maki's third photobook (pictured at left), and is also where the images on the layout are from.


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